In Loving Memory

On Friday, February 24th I got the Phone call from Home I had been dreading, yet knew it was coming. My Grandpa Passed away. My Wonderful husband worked it out for me to be able to go home and be with my family. He kept all three kids with him and has been wonderful through all this. For me Grandpa was much more than just my Grandpa…..He was my friend….He is my Hero.

I wrote a poem the day I got the news…..

To one of the
Greatest Men
I have ever Known….

Harold Settle…..
My Grandpa….

For as Long as I
can Remember…..
From the time
that I was Very small…
Before I even
Learned to Crawl…
You have Been There.

You encouraged us
To Laugh and Play….
Fed us Chocolate
when we thought
Grandma wasn’t looking…
Hide and seek…
and playing Tag….
Laughter Echoing
through the hall.

Years went By….
We all grew up.
You encouraged us
To reach for Our Dreams….

As we moved in to the world…
We met people who were special
Got married and started
families of our own….
You welcomed the new additions
with open arms….

With the addition of
A whole new Generation
To spoil and Love….
To Teach and to Guide.

The lessons You have taught us
We never will forget…..
Work Hard….
Laugh Often….
Help those around you….
The Value of Family….
A smile is Contagious…
A Hug can Make a person’s Day…
Love Really can be Unconditional…
Marraige is Forever…

We, Your Grandchildren
are your Legacy….
You never stopped loving any of us…
and We will never Forget you.
Thank You Grandpa For
Giving us wings so we could fly
and Roots so we would always
find our way Home…..

In Loving Memory
Harold Jay Settle
A Tribute…..
By Rachel Elodie Brown
February 24, 2006


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