Flowers from Grandpa

I cried today

but they were Not all sad tears

some were happy tears.

I Got Flowers delivered today

A Family Christmas Tradition

One I thought I would not see this year.

see The Flowers are from my Grandpa

He Does it every year

Each of his Girls….

grandma, his daughter and Daughters in law

and his grandaughters get a single Rose.

But My girls and I couldn’t go to NY this Year.

He sent the flowers to us.

He said when I called him

that He Couldn’t Forget his 3 Southern Belles.

And I realized this may be the last Christmas

I get Flowers from Grandpa.

and yet to know he loves me so

It somehow makes the hurt not soo bad.

I cried today

Of all the Christmas Gifts

This one means the most.

Flowers From Grandpa

sent with all his Love.

Rachel E. Brown

~Dec. 22, 2005


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