Thinking about Christmas

As I sit here Thinking about This Christmas season, I realize I will not be able to go home to be with my family again this year, it has been 11 years since I have been home for Christmas. While this Breaks my heart, i have a family of my own now and three Beautiful kids, and I will be with them this year.

They are truly a blessing in my life and while Christmas this year may not be all I dreamed of, I know in my heart that the True reason for Christmas lives in my heart and that he will be with my family miles away and with me and my husband and children as well.

I have had to realize that while I would love to be able to Buy My kids every present they ask for , I can’t, but that it is ok that i can’t because all they really need is my love and my time. That does not mean it does not hurt to know that I can’t buy a whole bunch of presents to put under the tree, But it does mean that I know my kids will still have a wonderful Christmas filled with Love.

I think it is time that we remember the Real Meaning of Chgristmas and get away from all the comercialism that society has packed into the holiday. Christmas has never been about how much money you spend.

This Christmas stop and think about the True Blessings in your life and remember to say thank you for what you do have. Remember to say a prayer for all those in the Military who Can’t be home for Christmas because they are doing their job, defending your freedom.

Semper Fi and God Bless you all


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