Stop complaining and be thankful

This time of year is set aside as a Time of giving thanks. I had to stop myself the other day. I was Focusing on the negatives in my Life….. Like the fact that for the 10th year in a row I wont be able to go home for the Holidays…. or the bills I can’t pay….. or the Million other things that are wrong in my world.

Then I got to thinking…..I Really have soooo Very much to be thankful for….. I have a wonderful Husband and a Happy Marraige….. Three Beautiful kids….wonderful friends…everyone that I Love who is serving in the Military will be home from their deployments in time for Christmas, which means for the first time in three years there will be no yellow stars on my Red white and Blue tree…..I am Blessed to be an American… which to me means I can teach My kids the things i feel they need to know… I can speak up if I disagree with the school…. I can choose where I go to church… My daughters have the opportunities to go to school and grow up to become anything they want to be… My children don’t have to fear Bombs and ied’s on a daily basis….( I am Not saying that our world is safe…. Its still a scary place…. But when I watch the tv and see the conditions in other countries, I have to stop and say Thank you.) We as American’s take sooo much for granted….. from the food that we will end up wasting today to the Men and women fighting to protect the rights and freedoms we have…. some of us respect and cherish those rights… others abuse them.

To Chase, and Dave, and all the other Myspace people serving or who have served in the Military… THANK YOU!!!!

Today as we eat our Thanksgiving Dinners…. STOP for a Minute or two and remember the Men and women who are Far from home in Foreign lands serving to keep us safe….. they will not be with the ones they love this Holiday season…. they will be with their other Family…. their Military Family….

As you sit down to watch football or play with your children…. STOP for a Minute and say a Prayer for the Mother’s whose children will not be coming home… for the Children whose Mommy or Daddy is not coming home….Rather than focusing on what you don’t have….. or worrying about the Cranberry sauce you forgot to buy….. Think about what you do have… and Say Thank you.

May the Lord Bless you and Keep you,

Happy Thanksgiving


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