Ok Major Mom Vent here…..

Ok Major Mom Vent here….. I had to go get My son from school just now…. He is in a special needs class because he is autistic and is in kindergarten and is non-verbal……His Teacher was out today and he had a substitute….There are 2 teacher’s aids in his class AT ALL TIMES…. so Why is it that when his teacher is out the aids and the sub CAN”T Figure out how to deal with my child… EXCUSE ME But  it seems to me that If I Trust you to educate my child you should be trained in how to deal with autistic children… dont call me to come get him just because he wont sit down… now if he is hurting himself or others… I get that….. But WONT SIT DOWN?!?!

What is he learning… that all he has to do when there is a substitue is to act up and they will call mom and he gets a day off???? and this helps him in life how??????? I am NOT Happy… There is NOT a THING WRONG… He is in a GREAT MOOD!!!! No Fits… No acting out.. Just overly Hyper and HAPPY!!!!! and I want to know WHY His Teacher can handle him.. But Three Grown women… ( The 2 aids and the sub) Can’t.

THER IS NO REASON WHY HE SHOULD NOT BE IN SCHOOL TODAY….. But The Principal( another real peice of work) said he neds to go home… so they called me.

I want out of this stupid State… NOW… But I know that I have to wait my time… and let God open the doors that need to be opened.

Ok… I feel a little better… not much but a little…..


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