Random Thoughts of a Military Wife

I Love a Military man…..I Married My Marine…..Yes I Know it is not easy…… I spend alot of time filling the roles of mom and dad to the kids….. I know how to change a tire… check the oil…. cut the grass….. take out the trash….. Iron Cammies….Read an LES….I Know his ssn better than I do my own….

Would I trade it for a ” Normal” Life? HELL No…. I Knew what I was getting into… and I will stand Proudly by him no matter what….

People ask me how I do it? How can I handle raising the kids with him gone half the time….. I do it because it is my job…. he needs to know I have things under control here at home so he can do his job without worrying about the homefront…..

I am Proud to be a Military wife…. I have been told I bleed Red, White Blue and Camoflage….. I have been told I have a Yellow Ribbon Tatooed on my chest…. I have had friends tell me they walk into my house and feel the need to start singing the National Anthem…. If that is what my friends think of me so be it….. I will support My husband and My Brother and all my fellow Marines and all other members of our Armed forces till my dying Breath…..

I teach my children the importance of days like Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day…. They know when the Marine Corps Birthday is…..They dont learn that in the schools….. but that is another post at another time…..

My point… as Veteran’s Day approaches…. remember… we need to thank Our men and women in uniform…Past and Present… NOT JUST ON VETERAN”S DAY….. BUT EVERYDAY


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