ten years ago……

10 years ago I Had Given up. The dream of finding one true love was dead. He Just did not exist. Dating was a HUGE waste of time and a Pain in the Ass. And after some Really BAD experiences… Trust was laughable… there was NO way I was ever gonna trust another man EVER.

The walls around my heart were so High…. I was never gonna get hurt again…a Promise to myself. Then One afternoon while wandering aimlessly through the Barrcks of my duty station in 29 Palms, Ca I Literally Bumped into another person who was also wandering aimlessly. we were Both Bored.

I Had a few encounters with him before… he even jokingly a few weeks prior had asked me to Marry him. I did not know his name. He was FINE!!!! and for me at that point in my life Flirting was the name of the game…. keep them all at a distance…. But Flirting was still fun.

When I Bumped into him on the catwalk.. he almost knocked me over… he is after all 6 foot 5 and I am only 5 foot 7. After he helped me back to my feet this gorgeous stranger asked me if I wanted to go play some pool so we proceeded to the e club…. But every pool table was in use.. the e club was Packed. so we Loaded 8 people into a Ford Probe and headed off base to Crazy Eights. Everyone that went that night were friends of his… I did not know any of them… I spent the first half of the night sitting in the corner thinking about all the pain in my past…. trying not to let my guard down.

He walks over and says to me…. If you give me a chance I will make them all disappear. Now I Knew it was most likely another line…. But I took the bait… we had a great time that night…. and a few weeks later he was my escort for the Marine Corps Ball, after which a group of us went to Joshua Tree for a weekend of Camping.. rock climbing… drinking and Gaming.

By  the end of that weekend I knew there was no hope… I had let him in… my walls were slowly breaking down…I was In Love…and wanted to RUN.

Our relationship continued to grow…even though we got sent to seprate duty stations…and in February 1996 he asked me to marry him again…this time with no joking involved… I said yes…and we got married on April 6th, 1996.

Today… 10 years later we are still Happily together and have three beautiful Children. I Love My Marine as Much as I did then and he still looks at me with so much love and passion that it still makes my knees week…just like he did when we were dating.


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