The Three Greatest Men I Know

There are people in our lives who effect us soo much that they alter the very fabric of who we are.  They may be parents or Grandparents, a close family friend, or someone we meet later in life.

For me there are three men in my life who are more importnat to me than any other men in the world. ( My brothers come close to that, but the top three men in my life are my Father, my Grandpa and my husband)

My Daddy Taught me so much about life just by his example…. the value of a Hard days work, The Fact that it is more important to listen than to talk most of the time, Love is meant to be without strings…. Unconditional.

My Grandpa taught me that even as a Grown- up you can still be a kid, He should me a love for Nature and History. That no matter what Life throws your way… smile. He Takes the time to sit down and get to know people…. The Value of Community and Neighbors.

Both of them Taught me that I am important and that it is ok to be me… I Don’t need to hide behind a mask. They Both showed me that regardless of what you do in life… give it your best. When Life gets tough… don’t quit.

I wish I could put into words all the memories and things I have learned from them.  It is because of them that when I Got ready to settle down and get married, I wanted a Hard working man who would Love and accept me for who I am and not what I look like, a man who would respect me and treat me like a queen.

I Have such a man in my life. I am Blessed to be married to a wonderful man who no matter how tough things get is still by my side. He Picks me up when I fall… and never lets me go. When I get scared he makes me feel safe. The way he looks at me is the way I see my Dad look at my mom and My Grandpa look at my Grandma.

To my Daddy and My Grandpa, I Don’t say it enough, Thank you for being the men you are and for Loving me enough to never stop praying for me.

To My Hubby… I Thank God Daily for you. Thank you for Loving me and for being Patient with me.


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