answering the call

I sat Watching The News This Morning and The Memorial Ceremonies for those who died 4 years ago, and all the emotions I felt that day came rushing back as real and as strong as They were 4 years ago. As I Remembered where I was and what was going on in My Home on That Day and I listened to the reporters talk about 4 years ago, and about the gulf Coast today…. A Realization hit me…. 4 years ago My Husband was in the feild for his 2 weeks of annual Training, and today 4 years later He is serving those who need him in Mississippi.
While I Missed him then and feared what may come… I was Proud as ever on that day to be a Military wife… and again today… 4 years later… That Pride is as strong as ever, as he Once again does what is needed to serve Our Country, for whether it is Training for what may come… or doing what needs to be done… He continues to answer the call.

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